Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My 2 WIP's

Now these are the 2 i am working on at the moment.

The bears on a boat is called 'Loveboat' and im not too sure who designed it.I started this one years ago and just recently found it again so i thought i would make it one that i HAVE to finish this year. If im honest this one is a little boring while i stitch it as i normally like ones which are full of colour but im sure i will love it when i have completed it.

The second is eventually going to be a cushion i am going to make for my mum's birthday.

She has a cat at the moment which looks pretty identical so i thought it would be a fab gift.Even though this one does not have too many bright colours i am really enjoying this one. I think it may have something to do with the fact that i will be giving it to my mum and she has no idea i am doing this for her.

I will update more pics as i progress on them both.

A few recent card finishes

Here is what i was stitching while we were moving as i didnt want to get a large kit out, so i dedided to do a few cards.
I'm really pleased with these and its such a nice feeling to finish a pattern so quickly lol. Gives me a buzz every time and i then just have to sit back and think that i done that lol.
I have a bag full of cover kits i will be doing throughout the next year so watch this space for more updates.

Noah's Ark

Here is my most recent large finish. This was a UFO but i found it towards the end of last year and didnt put it down until it was finished.
I'm really pleased with the outcome. Now all i have to do is think of what i can make it in to and i have had a few good ideas from the forum members.

Rich proved me wrong!

I recently finished stitching a UFO i had been doing for a while and was so pleased i had to show Rich.
He very quickly turned round to tell me that he could do a better job himself (a joke i hope) so i gave him a needle, aida and let him loose with my threads. He also made the pattern up himself.
What do you all think??
Here's Tigger!!!

I loved stitching this as it is sooo colourful but it is very different to what i would normally stitch.
It took me about a month of on/off stitching to complete it.
I am really pleased with the finished result and i hope you are too!

I'm Back

Hello all,

Sorry i haven't been on for a while (a few years) lol. I have been sooo busy what with moving 3 times and starting a new job and finding my new boyfriend Rich. Well he's not so new anymore as i have been with him for over a year now lol.

Finally i feel settled as we have just moved in to our new house and i have a craft room yay lol.
I have done a few projects over the last few years and i will add the pictures shortly.

Just like to say it feels good to be back in to the hobby i love.


Friday, 28 August 2009

Bookmarks for my Aunt.

My Aunt does a lot od craft stalls and fetes and she asked me to stitch her a few things to sell, so i decided to do a couple of bookmarks. Here is 2 bookmarks i have done and i am currently stitching another one. After this one i am stitching another bookmark, then i dunno what to do, something small so any ideas would be welcomed.